Prayer changes lives!

Read below to see the amazing things that happen when people pray!

Michael and Christie’s story:
Wow! God’s plans are always awesome! We had always wanted to adopt, and our path led to Russia and to our daughter, Tatiana.  We had so many miracles along the way and no doubt it was all the prayers being lifted up.  I remember a long walk after court to a pay phone in Russia to call home and tell everyone she was ours!!  No waiting period, which was a huge miracle!  I can still hear all the sweet people praying to get Tatiana home and home quickly! Everyone says…”that little girl is so lucky to have you as a family”. We say “NO! We are the blessed ones!” Tatiana brings so much love, laughter, and most of all, shows us the love of Jesus every day.
We are so thankful to be her parents.

Tatiana’s story:
I was born in Kemerovo, Russia. It is close to Siberia. Then Michael and Christie Feighan came to Russia to meet me.  They came back and got me, they adopted me! It took 469 days of doing enormous amounts of paper work and two trips to Russia! I never had a family before. Now I know what it feels like. God has a plan in my life (Jeremiah 29:11). Now I have a family who cares for me.  I never had that before like in Russia. 
My good friend, Mr. Will, said something that I would never forget. He said I could do anything!  He made me feel great! 
It does not matter where u been.
You can always count on God to talk to. 
God gives a future for us!

A woman who had been a friend of my parents, long passed now, told me she had prayed for me every day since she heard my Mom was pregnant. I was in my mid-30’s when she told me. Do the math. This faithful servant of the Lord had prayed for me around 13,000 times.

An elderly woman named Floy Avants she went to be with Jesus about 20 22 years ago. When I got saved and started going to church she told me that God has a special plan for my life. And when she told you she was praying for you you can believe it that woman was so full of Fire and full of the Holy Ghost when she stood up to give a word from the Lord in Church she didn’t need a microphone and it always seemed like the rafters shook after she got through .

Too many for me!  But I do know a couple of older ladies that were customers in a restaurant I worked in, would always share the gospel with me and always left a “track” as part of my tip. It was that “non pushy” witnessing that planted the seeds, that would ultimately lead to my accepting Christ!

I work in food service. I had a customer that I used to deliver to. She would tell me when I would stop at her house that she had been praying for me. Sadly she has passed away about 3 months ago.
Two of my moms older sisters would always lay a hand on me and pray over me. My youth pastor. Even though I’m almost 48. My parents still do.

 I was a backslidden Christian, but loved Christian rock/Metal, including Stryper, Whitecross, and, because of that video tape, Novella and Bride! I started telling EVERYONE about Novella, so much so, that when this pastor’s family would see Jon, or any of his family, they’d always talk about me promoting them! I say all that to say this: in 1992, April 1,  I had to have emergency brain surgery for a lifelong condition I have called hydrocephalus (literally water on the brain), and, for all intents and purposes I should have died….or at least had severe brain damage because of the graveness of this surgery. Anyhow, Jon, and the rest of the band…without knowing me at that time…prayed, and asked fans at their shows all that week to pray, too!

Wow! This song ministered to me. Although my parents were Pastors and I was raised in church, by the time I was 16 years old, I was addicted to drugs.  I was kicked out of school and my home.  I was living on the streets of NYC. After 3 attempted suicides and 3 years of addiction, through the fervent prayers of my parents and family, God saved and delivered me from the addiction.  Praise God…..someone prayed.  Thank you for sending this song to me.

I was introduced to secular rock music at the age of 9. My dad was a deacon, my grandfather a pastor. I had a massive heroin addiction and a satanic lifestyle by the age of 11. The summer I turned 17, a guy asked me to attend a church crusade. I refused with some very off-color words. He kept asking, so I gave in and went. Meadowlark Lemon was the speaker, and he was signing autographs. He saw me, called my name, and shared Jesus with me. A force grabbed me from behind. Meadowlark took out a bottle of oil, placed a cross on my forehead and said, “In the name of JESUS, Satan, release your hold!”  I prayed to ask JESUS into my heart and change my life. Upon asking His forgiveness, I asked God for a sign, and I saw a cross in the moonlit sky. I said, “God, whatever You want me do, wherever You want me to go, I will.  Since 1984, I have shared my testimony of how God transformed my life with millions of people from football stadiums to parking lots. The best part is I’m not finished yet!

When I heard Someone Prayed a few months ago, it reminded me that about 2 years ago, I got infected with Covid, I was lying in a hospital bed, with a lot of difficulty breathing (I was connected to an oxygen tank with a mask) and I couldn’t I help feeling lonely because I was too weak to speak, I couldn’t make a video call to my wife, at one point I said to myself: “that’s it, I’m going to die”, there was no strength in my body, I couldn’t open my eyes and then I pray to my Lord saying: “Please take care of my wife and my children, and let me be worthy to enter your Kingdom”, immediately something miraculous happened I heard His beautiful voice (God’s voice) telling me: “I still have a purpose for your life” , and my ears were opened and I began to hear the voices of many people praying for me (I named this as: “The voices of all the Jedi” (a true fan of Star Wars would understand)), since it was quite a army of warriors of light, those who were fighting for me, although I did not know it, but it was something beautiful, that made me know that I was not alone, because Someone Prayed somewhere for me, and after that I woke up from my bed and the healing process begins from that very moment . The Lord has given me a Second Chance.
God Bless You All
Denis Ivan Cerbellon
Tegucigalpa, Honduras


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